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Save on high-priced keywords and opt for Wrapify's advanced, cost-effective, data-driven ad platform to set your firm apart at a fraction of the price.

High Recall

Highest recall of any medium on the road

Now combine that recall with our brand safe, hyper local targeting capabilities, media measurement and attribution features to see why so many brands choose Wrapify.

high recall adds
hyper local targeting
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Nielsen's out of home advertising report shows wrapped vehicles as MOST NOTICED MEDIUM on the road.

Wrapify's Risdeshare Advertising Platform

The performance-driven ad platform for brands

Hyper local
Leverage Wrapify's targeting features for hyper-local precision, reaching audiences that traditional OOH methods struggle to reach. Refine the campaign geofence in each market by Demographic, Psychographic, and ABM targeting.
Measure the impact of Wrapify's out-of-home (OOH) impressions using our patented tracking technology, accessible in an online dashboard.
Attribute wrapped vehicle exposure to online conversions and in-app engagement, leveraging this data to enhance your performance-driven marketing across channels.
Brand safe
Brand safety is #1 and should never be an afterthought. And marketer’s everywhere rejoiced.
2013 or newer vehicle
Clean driving & criminal record
21 & older
Monitored & commercially insured
Bi-weekly proof of performance photos


Helping firms of all sizes stand out


Retarget exposed audience

Retarget the audience exposed to Wrapify vehicles across their exposed devices on Programmatic Display, Mobile, Native, Video, Connected TV (CTV) and Audio.

retarget exposed audience

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