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"Wrapify was a great way for us to get unique OOH coverage while also providing the benefits of digital attribution."

- Natalie Bowman

Managing Director, Marketing & Advertising, Alaska Airlines

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We Don't Just Wrap Cars


Retarget the audience exposed to Wrapify vehicles across Programmatic Display, Mobile, Native, Connected TV (CTV) and Streaming Audio.


Measure the impact of the out of home (OOH) impressions we produce with Wrapify’s patented OOH impressions tracking technology in a dashboard online.


Attribute wrapped vehicle exposure to online, in-app or foot traffic engagement.

How It Works

Choose Locations

With the ability to run national, regional and local campaigns, you can target the audience you want to reach where you want to reach them.

how does wrapify work

Refine Audience Targeting

Refine the campaign geofence in each market by Demographic, Psychographic, and ABM targeting.

how does wrapify work

We do the heavy lifting

With 420,000+ drivers using our app and a nationwide certified installer network, we manage every step of onboarding drivers, streamlining the creative and production process and ensuring brand safety is always #1.

how does wrapify work

Retarget the Exposed Audience

With Wrapify’s ‘Physical Retargeting’, brands can now trigger Audio, Mobile, Display, Connected TV, Native and Video advertising from exposure to Wrapify vehicles.

how does wrapify work

Measure ROI

Using the Wrapify Attribution Suite, brands can attribute what exposure to Wrapify vehicles affects across site visitation, online conversion, in-app conversion, and retail foot-traffic.

how does wrapify work


Attribution isn’t just the marketing buzzword of today. Our focus on connecting offline exposure to online, in-app and retail success is what sets Wrapify apart from others in the space we created.

attribution measurement of media

Measure website conversion from the high-recall OOH we deploy on vehicles nationwide. Our platform aggregates the exposed audience from the viewable radius of each vehicle in your campaign and compares it to a control group of folks that were never exposed within the same campaign area.

  • Online

  • In-app

  • Foot-traffic

Physical Retargeting

Retarget the audience exposed to Wrapify vehicles across their exposed devices on Programmatic Display, Mobile, Native, Video, Connected TV (CTV) and Audio.