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out of home media solutions
out of home media solutions
out of home media solutions
Semi Trucks
out of home media solutions
out of home media solutions
Box Trucks

Own Or Operate A Fleet?

Don’t leave money on the table! Enable your branded vehicles with retargeting and attribution. Boost by Wrapify can turbocharge your existing branded fleet inventory of trucks, vans, and corporate vehicles with multi-channel ‘Physical Retargeting’ ads and attribution!
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Data Visualization

Multi-channel Retargeting

OOH Attribution Reporting

wrapify provides measurement dashboard

Branded Dashboard

Measure the impact of the high-recall out of home (OOH) your Boost enabled vehicles produce within your Boost Dashboard. Log into your campaign dashboard to access your metrics in real-time.

  • Attribution
  • Retargeting
  • Impressions
  • Mileage
  • Heat Maps
  • Daily Routes

How does it work?

how wrapify works
Connect your fleet’s location data (Wrapify Location Hardware, Wrapify API)
how wrapify works
Boost by Wrapify translates your fleet's location data into a high-recall audience for multi-channel retargeting and media measurement
how wrapify works
Extend OOH exposure with fully managed multi-channel retargeting
how wrapify works
Audience measured against conversion goals (online, in-app, foot-traffic)

Physical Retargeting

Retarget the audience exposed to your fleet across Programmatic Display, Mobile, Native, Video, Connected TV (CTV) and Audio.

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Attribution isn’t just the marketing buzzword of today. Our focus on connecting offline exposure to online, in-app and retail success is what sets Boost enabled fleets apart from other branded fleets on the road.

wrapify provides attribution data

Measure website conversion from the high-recall OOH we deploy on your fleet vehicles nationwide. Our platform aggregates the exposed audience from the viewable radius of each vehicle in your campaign and compares it to a control group of folks that were never exposed within the same campaign area.

  • Online

  • In-app

  • Foot-traffic

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